Best Glasses Shapes For A Square Face

Regardless of your face shape, the most crucial factor in purchasing new glasses is finding a pair that makes you feel confident and comfortable. This guide will help you recognise the characteristics of a square face and understand which frame types can effectively accentuate those characteristics.

Do You Have a Square Face Shape?

Not sure what face shape you have? No problem—just take a look in a mirror, and see if you spot some of these traits, which are commonly associated with a square face shape:

  • A flat, squared chin
  • A broad forehead with a wide hairline
  • A strong horizontal jawline with sharp angles 
  • Equal width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • Flat cheekbones that are in line with the jaw (as opposed to cheekbones that are more curved or start higher on the face and angle down)

Square faces are similar to round faces, but the key difference lies in the angular jawline—people with round faces tend to have softer, rounder features.

You should remember that every person has a different face, so you might only see some of the traits mentioned above in someone with a square face. In reality, most people discover that their faces exhibit features from various face shapes. Just think about the various facial forms and use your best judgement to determine which one most closely resembles yours.

Best Eyeglasses for square face shape include:

Round Glasses

Round glasses are an excellent option for square faces, whether you’re looking for a classic wireframe style or something more daring. We all know that opposites attract, and round is the clear-cut opposite of square. The curves of round glasses beautifully contrast the strong, angular lines of square faces, balancing out their bold features. Round frames are a great choice to soften your angular features.

Best Eyeglasses for square face shape - Caroline Abram

Cat-eyes Frames

Cat eyeglasses are a fantastic option for women with square faces, they are a girl’s best friend wherein the upper part of the browline is flat, and the lower portion of the eyeglasses is round. These glasses have a curvy, upswept browline and rounded bottoms that complement a square face’s sharp lines and define its cheekbones. Cat eyes neutralise the square face shape hardness and inculcate the softness in the face.

Best Eyeglasses for square face shape - Lamarca

Oval Glasses

Like round glasses, oval glasses will have those curves you’re looking for if you want to balance out the well-defined lines of your square face shape. Plus, oval glasses tend to be wider than round ones. The wider frame plays nicely against a more uniform, square shape. This frame style can help balance out a strong jawline and angular forehead, resulting in a more harmonious appearance. 

Best Eyeglasses for square face shape - Henau Eyewear

Wire Glasses

Wire glasses are stylishly slim and pair nicely with angular facial features. Thin frames lack the sharp edges of other styles that might compete with the striking lines of square faces. With a square face shape, tall wireframe spectacles have a visually ‘lengthening’ effect on your appearance. This can make your face look longer, less wide and more proportionally balanced.

Oversized Glasses

If your square face features a wider forehead and jaw, then oversized glasses are the perfect statement accessory. Plus, many people find extra-roomy frames to be comfortable. Oversized glasses come in various frame shapes, too—so you can find a pair in the style you like best. 

Embrace your striking square face shape, and find glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable daily. Which glasses are best for your square face shape? The glasses that make you happiest. If you’re looking for something different to what you find in almost every other optician, then our frames are for you. At Hall & Co Eyewear, you’ll discover a whole new world of eyewear and choose a pair (or maybe more than one!) of glasses from a selection that can’t be found elsewhere. To browse our collection, call into our store at Kings Square, Belfast.


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