Giving Back


Changing people’s lives through the gift of eyesight

At Hall & Co Eyewear, we’re in business to improve lives. We believe in a more equitable tomorrow.
That’s why we invest a portion of our sales into bringing eyecare and glasses to the poorest people of Sierra Leone in Africa.

We are supporting young eyecare professionals, who are ready to change the world by giving thousands of people the greatest gift of all…the gift of vision.

They care, they are passionate, they are knowledgeable, and they look to a better future where no one in their community remains in poverty due to poor eyesight.

Lansana Lahun

Life-changing work to the people of his country

My name is Lansana Lahun. I live in Kailahun, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

At 17, I had to leave my village and come to Kailahun to live with my aunt to attend school. I was the first person in my family to progress to secondary school.

During this time life became tougher for me, as my mother, my only source of support, had difficulties paying for my education. So every weekend I had to go home to my village and assist my mother with farm work to help raise the money. My educational performance became very affected as I barely had enough time with my books. However, I worked hard and gained my university requirement qualification in 2014.

I live amongst some of the poorest people in the world, but also the most in need of eye tests and glasses. You see, having poor eyesight means that you can’t educate yourself or get a job, so you are destined to remain poor for the rest of your life. And unless I reach these people, they will not receive the glasses they so desperately need to give them the chance to escape their poverty. Even worse, they may even lose their eyesight from eye diseases that go undetected.

Just imagine the difference I will make to people with poor eyesight living in poverty!

Hall & Co Eyewear are raising money to make this happen.

Thank you to all the supporters of Hall & Co Eyewear. Together we are helping the world to see.

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    "Fantastic optician! Having struggled for several years with varifocal prescriptions from another optician which resulted in extreme difficulty reading everything from newspapers to mobile phones and computer screens, I now have great varifocals from Hall & Co which do everything perfectly. They have truly transformed my life. Thank you."

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