Oversized Glasses: Our Top Picks

Whether for everyday wear or for those special occasions, our frames will have that individual feel, of being yours alone, not worn by the crowds. After all, it’s the most personal accessory you can have. Oversized glasses are one of the most popular styles on our website and in store in 2022. That’s what led us to write this blog: to show how ‘big’ glasses don’t have to be as large as their name implies.

Oversized Glasses Trends

Call it maximalism or the effects of the epidemic, but oversized glasses frames are very fashionable. People of all ages, from young adults to the elderly, like wearing oversized glasses. Some people wear these glasses for fashion, while others wear them for medical reasons. As a result, eyewear trends have made the practise of wearing huge glasses more fashionable. While we appreciate that people are experimenting with different styles, it is vital to know which style is ideal for you.

Oversized Glasses Trends 2022/2023

Are large glasses in style?

Some people assume that wearing large reading glasses or prescription glasses in these frames is trendy, but they typically forget the importance of comfort. Although wearing oversized glasses may appear trendy, people with small faces should avoid wearing largerglasses since pupil displacement is more visible. If oversized glasses are not purchased in the appropriate size, they may have a face fit problem, whereby they do not fit correctly at the nose bridge and frequently fall off. As a result, they may itch, wrinkle, or press against our temples. Alternatively, they could sit on our cheeks and cause irritation.

Are large glasses in style?

How to know if my glasses are too big?

In both men and women, measuring the Pupillary Distance (the distance between the pupils of both eyes) is critical. The average PD for men is 64 mm, while it is 62 mm for women. We can buy oversized glasses freely if we keep a few things in mind: the glasses should not sit on our cheekbones.

  • It should only touch our brows, not cross them.
  • The size should be according to our face shape.

We should not wear these spectacles for an extended amount of time, especially if they are prescription frames.

How to know if my glasses are too big?

How to wear oversized glasses?

Oversized glasses can be worn with practically any outfit, whether at work or at a party. That is their allure. Just make sure to choose large glasses that complement your face shape to stay on trend! The best eyeglass frames for each facial shape are as follows:

  • Square, Round, and Aviators
  • Square, Rectangle, or Cat-eye Face
  • Oval Face: You’re the fortunate ones – Opt for any style!

Some Of Our Top Picks

Henau Lamba Collection

Henau Lamba Collection

HENAU is famous for its unique, hand drawn eyewear designs that combine optical functionality with avant-garde look. The frames are contemporary art-pieces appreciated by people who love playful shapes, structure and bold color combinations. HENAU optical frames and sunglasses feature refined forms, geometric abstract and timeless design. Pure craft based on the brand’s traditions with a touch of uniqueness is what makes these spectacles stand out from the crowd.

Sabine Be be val de loire

Sabine Be be val de loire

SABINE BE be val de Loire, are asymmetrical design, with round lenses and contrasting tips. The shapes and colour games make this unique and extravagant frame, suitable for lovers of special eyewear. With a wide variety of colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a pair of oversized glasses from the Sabine Be range.

Caroline Abram Edith Collection

Caroline Abram Edith Collection

This is how the team at Caroline Abram love glasses – oversized, audacious, and super sixties! Oversized and architectural, Edith is the perfect model for an audacious and feminin look. Edith exists in five different color associations. To try on the range, call into our store today.

Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection

Kirk & Kirk Centiles Collection

Despite its chunky appearance, this bold silhouette weighs next to nothing and is supremely comfortable to wear thanks to Kirk & Kirk‘s unique signature Italian acrylic, a recyclable material developed over several years and manufactured in France. Secret, a delicate grey/black combo, to Meadow, a horizon where the grasses touch the sky, are among the five colours available.

Remember, these are just suggestions, the most important thing is to wear what you feel comfortable in! Call into our boutique eyewear store to browse our collection of glasses. From Kirk & Kirk to Vasuma, we have glasses for all face shapes. Alternatively, you can visit our website to book your very own free eyewear styling consultation


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