Kirk & Kirk – Which Colour Frames Are Perfect For You?

British independent label Kirk & Kirk continues to inspire a desire for bright statement colour in eyewear. Push your boundaries and try something new, and you might fall in love! Kirk & Kirk design and build their glasses the same way they do everything else – with meticulous attention to detail. Karen Kirk is motivated by the unlimited sculptural possibilities of their bespoke materials; she begins by hand designing each frame, borrowing inspiration from jewellery and mid-century glass.

Kirk & Kirk have created their own acrylic from which they produce a one-of-a-kind color pallet, allowing them to make assertive, eye-catching eyewear that is light in weight and beautifully pleasant to wear. Acrylic is a highly resilient, lightweight substance that will not lose its shape or stretch over time. Acrylic allows you an infinite range of color that is not available in other collections, giving for complete design freedom.

The frames are strengthened by German five-barreled hinges and include incorporated nose pads for comfort. To stay true to their heritage, all frames are built in a single plant in France from start to finish. Kirk & Kirk glasses present truly modern ideas, crafted the authentic, old-fashioned way.

You’re probably wondering what colour frames would suit you. Well, take a look at our most popular Kirk & Kirk frames…

Pink up your life!

Pink up your life with Kirk & Kirk!

Pink was a popular colour for Kirk & Kirk in 2019. However, this trend has carried to 2022, with pink having an emotional connection for a lot of glasses wearers with some associating the colour as warm, sexy, lively and pleasant. 

When people see this coluor, their hearts seem to leap for joy, and it is usually love at first sight. When you choose a pink frame, you should own it, embrace it, and don’t be scared to contrast with it. If you want to go hot, don’t be scared to blend it with a clashing red; it can look beautiful.

Centena Horace Collection

Centena Horace Collection

Horace is a fashion statement for today’s movers and shakers. This frame depicts the future while being in the present. Colours in glasses have been more fashionable in recent years, yet there may be worries or inhibitions about wearing very vibrant tones at work. However, once you start playing with colour, it’s difficult to go back to your old pair!

Cat Eye Frames

Kirk & Kirk Cat Eye Frames

A retro classic, a cat-eye frame style is one of the most ageless eyeglasses trends that will flatter almost every facial shape. When it comes to 2022 eyeglass trends, experts believe that it’s one of the major looks this year.

However, this trend isn’t limited to designer frames. The triangular tips complement most face shapes, particularly those with a defined jawline. Cat-eye glasses draw attention to your brow arch, calling focus to the high points of your face, and are a terrific way to inject some fun into your everyday style.

Style Advice

If you’re concerned that a traditional black frame will wash you out, look for thick-framed eyewear in softer shades like navy or dark red, or choose an alternative like colored or clear frames in the same shape. When choosing thick rimmed frames, think about your face shape too. Rounder faces can benefit from more angular styles.

Round Frames

Kirk & Kirk Round Frames

This style, with its striking and bold appearance, is excellent for when you need a little confidence boost – so make these your go-to for big work days, meetings, and presentations.

Quirky and cool, circular and round frames are a significant prescription glasses trend for 2022, and they look great on women of all ages. A rounded frame will surely give your appearance a more directional feel, but wear them with confidence and you’ll easily pull the look off. While they can be worn for casual or formal situations, the slightly edgier feel makes them suitable for dressed-down weekends.

Style Advice

Round or oval frames balance out and lend softness to a squarer face, just as square frames suit rounded faces. To soften sharp, angular features, use frames that are narrower than they are wide. Colours that are neutral will also aid to lengthen the face. Rounded or oval-shaped frames, as well as those with decorative embellishments along the top line, are ideal for heart-shaped faces since they balance off a narrower chin.

Oversized Glasses

Kirk & Kirk Oversized Glasses

The bigger the better when it comes to this trend. Possibly drawing inspiration from some of the top sunglasses trends, where maximum coverage has been in for several seasons, the eyewear trend 2022 for statement frames has made a strong reappearance. This trend also draws on previously mentioned styles, such as wire, thick-frame, and colorful frame trends, to help cement its impression.

Style Advice

The bigger the better in 2022! As we enter 2022, we are seeing bigger, bolder, and louder glasses, and we believe they will be at the forefront of eyewear trends this year. Because this style commands attention, keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral and opt for classic tailored pieces like sharp tailoring and an oversized sweater.

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