Which Glasses Suit Me? Finding the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

The most significant aspect of choosing glasses or sunglasses is undoubtedly your face shape. If you’re stuck, this is a fantastic place to start. With our guide, you’ll realise that there’s a frame for everyone, and we can help you find your perfect fit. So, whatever your face shape, there’s bound to be a pair designed specifically for you!

What is my face shape?

Your face shape is most likely one of the following: oval, square, round, heart, or diamond. You can determine your face shape by looking in the mirror at your facial features. You’ll be able to answer the age-old question: Which glasses look well on me?

But keep in mind that the suggestions in this article are not hard and fast laws; when it comes to selecting a frame, you should trust your intuition. Using your frames to express your particular style may be a fun approach to bring out your personality and allow your distinct self show through.

Which glasses shapes suit oval faces?

Sabine Be bobo range

Your oval face shape indicates that you have a mix of soft and angular lines. You’re in luck since practically any frame shape will look good on you, so you may be as daring as you want. Make a statement with a geometric or larger form, or keep it simple with a teacup shape.

Your face proportions are well balanced, with a rounded chin and forehead. As a result, most frame forms will look terrific on an oval face, which is often longer than it is wide. To retain this natural balance, select frames that are the same width as, or slightly wider than, the widest part of your face. Consider big or eye-catching shapes, such as aviators. If you’re looking for glasses that suit an oval face shape, we suggest trying the Sabine Be bobo range.

Which glasses suit heart-shaped faces?

Lamarca Cat Eye Glasses

Heart-shaped features have both soft and straight lines, so when it comes to glasses forms, the universe is your oyster. To complement your facial shape, we recommend a cat-eye frame. You’d also look terrific in aviator sunglasses. This face shape is defined by a broad brow and a thin chin, and frames that stretch your look, focus attention downward, and balance out proportions are a smart choice. Look for light-colored or rimless spectacles, or bottom-heavy frames to broaden the lowest portion of your face. Rounded frames or cat-eye styles are also suitable. If you’re looking for glasses that suit a heart-shaped face shape, we suggest trying the Lamarca eyewear range.

Which glasses shapes suit round faces?

Henau Marcia Sunglasses

Styles that suit your soft and curving features are recommended. Round glasses look excellent on you; go for metal types or go crazy with colourful acetate.

When picking frames for a circular face with full cheeks and a rounded chin, the goal is to generate as much definition as possible. Choose angular, thin frame types to make your face appear smaller and longer. A clear bridge will also serve to draw attention to your eyes, while more rectangular and broader frames will balance the contour of your face. If you’re looking for glasses that suit a round face shape, we suggest trying the Henau Marcia range.

Which glasses shapes suit square faces?

Sabine Be be groovy range.

Your firm jawline indicates that you have an excellent facial structure for angular frames. We recommend square or rectangular shapes to suit your features. You can also experiment with cat-eye or geometric forms.

Choose narrow frames with more breadth than depth, particularly oval and round shapes, to soften your strong jawline and make your face appear longer. Square styles should be avoided because they will look out of place with the rest of the face. In addition, instead of darker acetate frames, consider metal frames with a narrow profile. If you’re looking for glasses that suit a square face shape, we suggest trying the Sabine Be be groovy range.

Which glasses suit diamond-shaped faces?

Silhouette Urban Fashion

Diamond faces have smaller foreheads than most, pronounced cheekbones, and sharp jawlines. When it comes to choosing the right style for you, the key is to strike a balance between your characteristics and the shape of your eyeglasses. Many eyewear frames look good on diamond-shaped faces. Diamond-shaped faces are the most uncommon face form, with wide cheeks and a narrow forehead and jawline.

A rimless or oval frame with a prominent browline works well for a diamond facial shape. These forms will help you balance your face and showcase your best features. Play off your unique features with interesting and eccentric frames, like as a horn rim or cat-eye design, but keep them delicate to avoid over-emphasizing bold features. If you’re looking for glasses that suit a diamond face shape, we suggest trying the Silhouette Urban Fashion range.

Which glasses suit triangle-shaped faces?

 Kirk & Kirk Centena Range

Your face is more tapered, with a pronounced jawline that complements more angular frames. Complement your features with cat-eye and rectangular shapes, or go bold with an extreme cat-eye or defined square-shaped frame.

Triangle face forms have a wide, square jawline, but they usually have a small forehead, unlike square faces. If you believe you have a triangular facial shape, our selection of designs is great for bringing out your best features and optimising your appeal.

Wider frames are a wonderful choice for triangle facial shapes since they make the top of your face appear wider. Try frames with a lot of colour and features on the top to add width to a small forehead. This will complement the lower portion of your face and offer balance to your appearance. Aviators or cat-eye glasses, which are bold on top and lighter on the bottom, are great for this facial type. If you want to make a stronger statement, a round shape contrasts well with angular characteristics. If you’re looking for glasses that suit a square face shape, we suggest trying the Kirk & Kirk Centena range.

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