Lamarca: The Art Behind the Frames

Based in a land rich in history and tradition called Marca Trevigiana in the Treviso region – Trisottica has been a leading producer of acetate optical frames and sunglasses for nearly 30 years. From its beginning it has helped many deluxe eyewear brands throughout Europe create their own collections. This experience and know-how they have built over the years has led them to create their own brand, Lamarca.

Lamarca’s main goal is: “To create a new brand of eyewear that demonstrates our personal vision of what Made-in-Italy really means, in that, at every stage in its life, our product is entirely created by our in-house team putting all their attention to detail and artisan skills to work.” 

Inside their ‘creative hot-house’, Lamarca’s team are able to use their knowledge and skills to create a unique style of eyewear that is both good to look at and comfortable to wear. The very high technological manufacturing process combined with the traditional artisan skills enables Lamara to develop a rich collection, especially with the lamination of various acetate materials.

Carefully studying eye shapes and colours as well as taking inspiration from art and nature, Lamarca hopes to create an eyewear collection that you instantly fall in love with.

​​The Lamarca collection consists of several families, each family showcasing a different skilled work process by bringing together the creative passions of the design team and the production flair of highly skilled technicians.


MOSAICO by Lamarca

Suiting both men and women, the MOSAICO collection requires a careful study of colour and draws attention to the bonding technique. 

In order to identify the ideal combination of acetate sheets, the MOSAICO collection demands a great deal of experience and a well-trained eye from Lamarca. The specialists at Lamarca choose different tones and place them in sequence, aiming to create an amazing chromatic harmony guaranteed to attract attention. Once the acetate sheets are bonded together they produce a mosaic from which the front and temples can be carved out.


FUSIONI by Lamarca

Lamarca’s FUSIONI collection was designed to showcase the expressive potential they can achieve in acetate eyewear using the bonding technique. A complex process, requiring time and precision, but it enables them to create infinite colour combinations. A model in this collection is made up of different acetate sections, designed to host the following one, making them fit perfectly together. Each part is bonded to the other in a single action. Once this process is complete, they mill and work the model to produce its final shape. Resulting in a piece of eyewear that succeeds in expressing both colour and geometry with taste and elegance. 


PROFILI by Lamarca

The production of the PROFILI collection does not involve just bonding, but a series of processes that recreate the unique effect of two overlapping shapes.

The harmonious end result is achieved by the exclusive combination of statement colours.

The light filters through the material, creating the impression of a void and two separate shapes, a concept also found in the detail on the temple tip.


CESELLI by Lamarca

The CESELLI collection transforms each piece of eyewear into a glittering object. Lamrca were the first to apply the goldsmith’s diamond dressing technique to acetate.

Their skilled artisans chisel the surfaces of the finished frame using special cutters. The angle and depth of the small hand-chiselled incisions allow them to direct light and colour to create optical effects that make the frame resemble a precious jewel.

On light-coloured and transparent frames, the points of light seem like a whole host of tiny rhinestones, while on more colourful styles they give off visual and tactile sensations reminiscent of woven fabric. The imperfection and asymmetry of these points of light make each piece in the collection unique, something only hand-crafting can provide.


SCULTURA by Lamarca

The SCULTURA collection displays a passionate fondness for colours and it emphasises the three-dimensional nature of the frame. The basic technique used for this design is thermoforming, requiring us to build special moulds for each front and for each type of temple.

The acetate sheet consists of two or more coloured layers which they bond together. Once the drying and stabilising period is over, the sheet is compressed inside a mould that shapes the acetate. This yields surprising results in terms of volume and thickness. The final phase enables them to add the finishing touches to the frame and make each model lightweight. 


INTAGLI by Lamarca

The INTAGLI collection was inspired by the hand-crafted work done on the French frames of the 1950s. This is made possible by machines with numeric control that create extremely precise incisions, which enables them to make modern acetate frames that reproduce the technical skills of the master craftsmen of that bygone era. Coloured effects recalling plumage are typical of this style, but their design requires complex calculations and exceptionally high-profile skills. Using this technique they are able to reveal the colours of the underlying layers and the surfaces, with their incisions, create an iridescent effect revealing ever more details. Onlookers’ attention is grabbed by the perfection of an object seemingly sculpted by hand.



The POLICROMIE collection experiments with the balance between geometry and colour. Using the bonding technique to apply coloured and transparent inserts, turning the frame into a kaleidoscope. The classic masculine shapes are also suitable for women. Using a flex hinge of Lamarca’s own exclusive design, making the frame even more wearable and comfortable.

The mirrored effects and subtle coloured inserts attract attention and give the eyewear model a lively personality, playful yet respectful of elegance and tradition.


SOLE by Lamarca

The SUNGLASSES collection by Lamarca expresses the Made in Italy craftsmanship that you can find in the other eyeglasses families. 

In this collection you will find the sparkling CESELLI, the FUSIONI gluing, the INTAGLI graphics, the MOSAICO colour combinations, the PROFILI overlapping shapes and the SCULTURA silhouettes.

This exquisite Lamarca collection was only released into the UK last year, and we are both excited and proud to be the only stockists in Northern Ireland. To shop the collection, call into our store at Kings Road, Belfast or visit our website to book your own eyewear styling consultation.



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