Choosing The Perfect Caroline Abram Sunglasses For Your Summer Holiday

No summer holiday would be complete without a new pair of sunglasses. The correct pair of sunglasses will shield your eyes from the summer sun while also making you seem totally cool on the beach or by the pool.

So, what styles should you seek when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses? Check out our guide to picking the perfect pair of Caroline Abram glasses, and what you should be looking out for when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun. 

What To Look For When Buying A New Pair Of Sunglasses

UV Protection

We all know how important it is to wear suncream, but our eyes, especially if you have light-coloured eyes. Long periods of exposure to the sun, as well as the reflected rays of a lake, beach, or pavement, can all lead to serious eye issues. More information about UV protection levels can be found here.

Protection From the Elements

If you’re an adventurous tourist, you might be visiting sandy beaches, riding your bike down a dirt road, or traversing dusty towns. You might even be heading somewhere where there is snow or ice, which reflects UV radiation into your eyes. Sand, dust, and water can be especially harmful if you wear contact lenses because dirt can become trapped behind them. Choose a robust pair of sunglasses that will keep you shielded while you enjoy everything your selected destination has to offer.

Gradient Lenses

Gradient Lenses

You might want to consider a pair of sunglasses with a gradient lens, especially if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities. This means you can shade your eyes from overhead sunlight while still allowing plenty of light to get through so you can see what you’re doing, whether you’re sailing, driving, or skiing on the snow.

Coated Lenses

You might also wish to investigate anti-reflective coating to prevent sun glare. Alternatively, you can use highly reflecting mirror coatings to dramatically minimise the quantity of light entering your eyes. Polarized sunglasses, as they are commonly known, filter out extreme light reflection and glare, improving both comfort and visibility.

Size and Fit

It is critical to select a sunglass style that fits your face and does not cause physical stress. UV protection is essential, but sunglasses that are overly tight can cause ear and nose pain, as well as severe headaches. Choosing sunglasses with wider lenses or ones that wrap over your face can provide more coverage against the sun’s rays and its negative effects, as well as keeping you physically comfortable.

Choosing the perfect Caroline Abram Sunglasses For You

Contemporary Cat Eyes – Benedicte

Put a modern twist on a classic summer look with a pair of contemporary cat eye shades. Were a huge fan of the Caroline Abram Benedicte sunglasses. These vintage shades feature round lenses, colourful frames and pointed edges that will look great with a summer dress for a city break with the girls.

Coloured Sunglasses – Hailey

Caroline Abram Sunglasses - Hailey

If there’s one season where you can get away with bold, bright shades, it has to be summer. Coloured sunglasses will brighten up your face as well as your outfit and will make a style statement without much effort.

Look for a colour that flatters your complextion and hair colour – blues look great on blondes, brunettes suit pink and red shades, while purple shades, such as these beauties from Caroline Abram. Call in store to try on the range.

Over-sized Eyewear – Estrella 

Planning a relaxing holiday? Then a pair of stylish over-sized sunnies are just what you need. Simply slip them on, sit back and relax as you sip on a cocktail or read the latest bestseller by the sea. Over-sized sunglasses will fully cover your eyes from the sun while also giving you a glamorous eyewear look. We love the Caroline Abram Estrella sunglasses, which feature large square-shaped lenses in tortoiseshell brown or classic black.

Delicate Frames – Angel Sun

Caroline Abram - Angel Sun

With oversized sunglasses becoming a trend this summer, we believe that the butterfly shaped frame will be just as popular. The angel sun range is classic in shape, with a  delicate border frame and elegant arms to match. These sunglasses have a full size lens in a rounded shape with a slight square touch. With tinted lenses adding some colour to your vision and outfit.

Statement Sunglasses – Melissa

Caroline Abram - Melissa

Last but not least, statement sunglasses are a real summer staple. This classic shape looks great in bright colours and bold patterns, such as this eye-catching pair of sunglasses by Caroline Abram. While these statement sunnies would be at home on the beach, they’re an excellent choice for glamping trips and will look fab with a pair of wellies too.

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